BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders


  1. 1 – 5 lb or 10 lb Pork or Beef Shoulder

  2. Basic Rub

  3. Favorite BBQ Sauce

  4. Buns

    For Coleslaw

    1. 1 head cabbage – napa preferred

    2. 1 red onion

    3. 1 cup mayonnaise

    4. 2 tablespoons grain mustard

    5. 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

    6. 1 teaspoon celery salt

    7. 1 teaspoon coarse salt

    8. 1 teaspoon black pepper

    9. 6 ounces bleu cheese


    1. To Prepare and Cook Pork/Beef Shoulder:

    2. Trim any excess fat from shoulder and rub thoroughly with spice to coat completely. Set rubbed meat on wire rack and place inside of sheet pan or roaster and allow to set overnight in refrigerator.

    3. Allow meat to come to room temperature before cooking. Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Cover and place meat into oven allow to cook until falling apart – 4 to 6 hours.

    4. Pull pan from oven and allow meat to cool. When cooled to the touch, use forks to tear meat into shreds. Remove any extra pieces of fat. At this point, you may refrigerate if you are not using immediately.

    5. Place shreds of meat into crock pot and stir in BBQ sauce to coat thoroughly. You may also pour some of the reserved juices in as well to keep the meat moist. Cook on low for at least an hour in the crock pot. 

    6. To Prepare Coleslaw: Use slicing blade on food processor – chop cabbage and red onion and pour into large mixing bowl. In separate bowl mix remaining ingredients until thoroughly blended. Pour mixture onto cabbage and onions and stir until thoroughly coated.

Sliders, Oh wonderful sliders.  They seem to be everywhere these days.  Not only are they everywhere, but they are becoming quite creative.  I decided to make Pulled Pork Sliders Topped with Bleu Cheese Coleslaw to put a twist on a family favorite.

When entertaining a crowd, I love to do a pulled pork or pulled beef sandwich.  I have never seen 10 pounds of food go so quickly as when I serve up this family favorite.  I decided to pull this recipe out this week for a few reasons.  First, I thought summer food might help with a “weather dance” to get the temperatures up here in Michigan.  Don’t worry I didn’t put in too much cayenne to raise our indoor temps.  Another thought was to make a bulk amount and see what I could make out of the leftovers.

To make the perfect pulled pork takes a few days and little elbow grease, but it’s well worth the work!  Remember this next time you invite your friends/family over — you can make it all ahead and plate up a creative, gourmet sandwich!

Some of my helpful hints when making this recipe:

  • Rub your beef/pork shoulder well and let it set over night.  This will allow the spices to marinade into the meat.

  • You can slow cook the first step of cooking in either an electric roaster or the oven — Remember though – low and slow.  Rushing the process will bring you a tough and stringy result.

  • If you want a spicier result, don’t be afraid to increase the cayenne.  I tried a Cocoa Cayenne which gave it a kick and a sweetness at the same time.  I am sure you have seen cocoa or coffee rubbed steaks and roasts.

  • Make the rub in bulk and store in a sealed container in your cupboard.  You can use it again on steaks, chicken, ribs, any meat that you choose.  Note:  Pour the amount you think you need into a separate bowl.  You never want to put your hands onto the meat then back into the bulk container.  That’s a major NO, NO!