My Latest Adventure

Each year all areas of the golf industry gather to attend the PGA Merchandise Show. Believe me when I say all areas. I witnessed everything from new clothing lines to equipment to even a “revolutionary” exercise machine that shakes you into shape.
After spending a quick day at the PGA Show last year, I couldn’t wait to head back this year. This year I was ready for it. This was my time to enjoy the things I love – FOOD, TRAVEL and GOLF.
Demo Days is the first day of the PGA Show and it’s an opportunity to get out on the driving range and test out the great new equipment and training aids in a fun setting. My day started with a quick interview on SiriusXM PGA Radio on oPINionated Show with Chris DiMarco. Being on the show with Chris, is always a good time, especially since he shares a passion for food and good drinks.

After the interview, I literally bumped into the guys from Ben Hogan Golf while staring at their plates full of delicious BBQ. They graciously allowed me to take a pic of their food plate and even offered me a bite! Now that’s hospitality. It smelled and looked amazing! Demo Days had food dialed in that day by having a tent set up with BBQ and the fixings.

While on the show, I revealed my mission for the PGA Show this year – to explore and find my BEST OF favorites. As you can imagine, after three days of talking and walking and then talking and walking some more, I was worn out!

The PGA Show was an amazing way to start out 2015 for Tee to Table catching up with old friends and making new contacts. It’s always exciting being around people who share not only passion for the game of golf, but the experience around the game as well.

Join me as I journey through the new year focusing on everything FROM THE TEE BOX TO THE TABLE.

Tee to Table’s Best of Show 2015 List

BEST Glove – RMS Golf Glove – It has CBT (Clean Ball Technology) built right into the glove. Pretty convenient way to wash your ball!

BEST Training Aide – Golf Slot Machine – My friends at Golf Slot Machine have worked hard to come up with a simple tool which helps you “drop it into the slot” just like the Pros. I even had a chance to try it out at the show.

BEST Outer Wear – Galvin Green – Living in Michigan you have to be prepared to play golf in nearly all conditions. Galvin Green has a great layering system to allows you to stay warm without feeling bulky.

BEST Travel Tip – ShipSticks – I had a great time meeting the team at ShipSticks. What a fun group they must be to work with. I was able to test out their system and had my clubs shipped home for me. Door to door delivery of your clubs whether you are to or from you golfing destination!

BEST Fitness Aide – ActivMotion Bar – I have been working with the ActivMotion Bar for a few months. It has a weighted system designed to help you stay stable throughout your golf swing. I played golf while at the PGA show and it was great to see it’s actually helping me! I was able to transfer my weight, stay with the swing and stay STABLE the entire time.