What's In My Bag?

Welcome to What’s in My Bag. (This is where is gets fun.) If you can’t tell, I get pretty excited to share what’s in my bag.

I recently made the change to Coates Golf clubs, which were designed to give women an option to purchase clubs engineered just for them. I was immediately drawn to their sleek and elegant design, and from my first swing at the range I was hooked! I got greater distance and finally realized what the term “feel” meant.

  • 460cc Eland Release Series Driver– 10 degree loft – regular shaft
  • Eland Fairway 3 and 5 Woods – regular shaft
  • Nyala Hybrid – 21 degree and 24 degree – regular shaft
  • Oryx Cavity Back Iron Set – 4 iron thru 9 iron – steel regular shaft
  • Springbok Wedges – PW, 52, 56 and 60 – steel shafts
  • TaylorMade Ghost Putter
  • Dixon Golf Balls  (don’t forget–– they’re eco-friendly!)
  • Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer–– If you’re like me, sometimes you are racing to get to the course on time, and other times the long waits on the course can affect your swing.  The Orange Whip is designed to help you warm up quickly and get the tempo of the swing and your muscles warmed up at the same.  This has been a “score” saver.  

P.S. - Don’t forget the important What’s Outside of the Bag, too! I love wearing my JoFit clothes. They are designed for fashion, with function in mind as well. You’ll find me sporting JoFit off the course too, with their lifestyle line.  They really help cure those “what to wear” conundrums.